Colour Combinations

3 Winning Colour Combinations

Black and White

A classic combination that never fails to impress. While it might be seen as a ‘safe bet’ it doesn’t mean the impact the design trend has is any less great. Effortlessly chic, this timeless trend means you can introduce this style to your home with confidence, safe in the knowledge it will stand the test of time. Our abstract Black and Beige prints are a perfect example.


Pinks and Creams

To soften a space and make it feel more cosy, the use of pinks and creams can work wonders. If you’re looking to make a large space feel less intimidating introducing these tones can have a dramatic effect. Adding wall art with these base shades will compliment soft furnishings and tie together a large room.  Our Contemporary Boho Sun Rising Rainbow Prints are a great place to start your collection.


Orange and Yellow

Bolder colours can sometimes be overlooked through fear that they might be too ‘in your face’ however bright colours introduced in the correct way certainly shouldn’t be shied away from. Take our Paint Palette Brush Print collection for example, stunning colours that pop without being overpowering. Hang them in a kitchen or living room and watch them transform your space.