Planning Your Space

Making The Best Use Of Your Space

Wall art is meant to compliment your space, not overpower it, so making sure your prints are positioned correctly will make the world of difference.

Check out the 3 main considerations to make when placing your favourite wall art.



Firstly the light in the room. Not all rooms will be bright and airy with the sun shining in all day, so understanding where the light falls in your space will really help when deciding where best to place your piece. Watch how the light moves though the room during the day and hang your art where this compliments it best.



The shape of the space you’re working with will also influence your choice of art work. Is it a wide single wall to fill or a small corner that need your attention? Large, complimentary portrait prints work wonders when trying to cover a sizeable area. In smaller, more intimate places, grouping prints together will help to fill the area without cluttering the space.



Does size matter? When it comes to choosing what to hang on your walls it certainly does. In a large room, making sure the right amount of wall space is covered is crucial to prevent the space becoming cluttered and messy or sparse and empty. Make sure the ratio between covered and uncovered pieces of wall is in proportion. No part of the room should be overwhelmed and neither should it look as if the piece you’ve hung is an afterthought with no purpose.



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